Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Things

So busy with call this week! I just have time to post some random pictures. This one cracks me up. Visitors to the Mobile Airport may be greeted by the lovely Azalea Trailmaids! WTH? Just lovely high schoolers who interview for the opportunity to wear gigantic antebellum dresses and possibly walk in parades or greet dignitaries at the airport. Dean walks proudly and with a smile as he passes them. (Note they have turned their backs on him - he is not their dignitary.)

And this is what Dean is occupied this week while he's off.

This would be a treehouse actually up in a tree, which will have 2 levels. The first level is emergency room visit-high, and the second level is admit to the PICU-high. I do believe waivers need to be signed before friends play on this with Lucas.

Yes, you may be confused because you see the fort in the background. Dean built that when the kids were smaller and it has a rock wall on the back. But they're bigger kids who are ready to take more risks....there is already discussion as to how to connect the 2 structures. Should it be a zip line? A rope bridge? Well, time to go jack up the insurance coverage. See you later!

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