Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Fire

So we were on the boat at Johnson Beach in Perdido when Lucas noticed something was on fire. It looked like it was coming from the vicinity of our house. As we were heading back, we spent 15 minutes in the no-wake zone and listed the appliances we'd each turned off. That's a creepy feeling when you think you might be looking at smoke from your own house. Then we realized it was further away. Now doesn't this picture look like the fire is right behind this building?

So H.K. (my deceased father and notorious ambulance chaser with no less than 3 police scanners in his possession) whispered that I should track down the source of the blaze. I concurred. This looks like a tornado, but it's the smoke. This is really creepy, like end-of-the-world creepy. Lucas expresses concern that we not get near the fire - it looks like it's really close.

Coming over the Alabama Pass bridge - Lucas says, "This is going to be devastating." I pray this isn't some condo full of people or the Publix which is right there and always full of people.

Turns out it's the Gulf State Park forest burning - awful, but thank goodness no people were hurt.

It was so eery to see it burning at night while everybody goes about their business at the beach.

So hooray for all the firefighters who got it under control today, I think. No loss of life or structure last I heard - phew!


Amy said...

Wait! Did you really just call yourself a dippy blonde? You? The woman that went to medical school?

I like your super-secret iPad case - looks great!

Junior said...

iPad cover looks great!

Sister said...

Amy, my dad always told me I got the book smarts but no common sense. He was right.

Tracey, it's been suggested (by Mother) that I cease and desist with the iPad photos since this is technically Scott's baby and not mine. Point taken.