Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poor Baby

This is a poor baby crow which has landed in our back yard for some reason. I noticed 2 gigantic crows flying around our yard while I was watching a movie 2 days ago, and apparently this is why. It sounds like a haunted cemetery around here with the parents cawing constantly, though they don't seem to be feeding the poor fella.

Jake the Wonderdog walked right past him to do his business in the yard and walked right back in the house without noticing a visitor beside his water bowl. Of course, Lucas and I missed him too, and were standing right next to him before I saw him and jumped. The bird jumped when I jumped - it was kind of funny. I thought he was a goner for sure, but he's still out in the bushes hopping around waiting for his parents to feed him.

I remain paralyzed in the sewing department. I got some pants drafted from the Kwik Sew shorts I made last year but haven't sewn them up yet. I need to put bindings on the armholes of the lilac sleeveless shirt I salvaged, but I'd rather start cutting out one of the new shirt patterns I bought. To wit:

New Look above, Jalie below. (Why must they have the little girls strike a pose on every single pattern? This is very disturbing to me.)

I feel like I need to dress up as Joan Crawford and beat myself while yelling "NO.....KNIT......SHIRTS!!!!!" (I assume you saw Mommy, Dearest and are howling with laughter at that reference. I make a lot of assumptions.) I am totally obsessed with knit shirts, though I haven't cranked one out since that black polka dot one.

Oh well, that's all I have to say right now. I'll continue to sit here and wait for the cable guy to come restore our Internet on the home computer....hey! Did you see that monkey just fly out of my....oh, never mind. Maybe I'll go sew....

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sewistafashionista said...

The knit patterns you have look cute. I can't wait to see them. It has gotten so warm so quickly this summer that the knits will feel coolest.