Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post Putt Putt

I have an important tip for you. Don't play putt putt at 11 am on the hottest day of the week when the place is open till 11 pm. Think about the fact that you'll finish up around 12 and may die of heat exhaustion. You can't see the blood red color my cheeks were because Arby's is nicely air conditioned, but you may see the soaking wet hair that was dripping on my shirt.

Anyway, after haircuts for the boys I had a nice visit with fellow sewer Robbie, who lives in Gulf Shores and very kindly brought me 2 issues of Threads magazine dealing with fitting shirts. Too bad I didn't bring my shirts for some hands-on fitting help! Now off to strip more paint from an old table so the boys and I can repaint it. I'll post before and after pics as we go.


sewistafashionista said...

It sounds like summer is in full swing for you and your family! What fun!

Junior said...

Oh now, be careful cause you and the heat have not been friends for as long as I can remember.

Sister said...

That's right, the heat hates me, but at least it doesn't hold a grudge against my children!