Saturday, June 11, 2011

Auburn Velvet Cake

Look what I can do! Today was my mom's birthday, and it was kind of hectic with me being on call and having to go to the hospital, plus Dean and Drew were flying out of town. Lucas and I took them to the airport where they proceeded to wait 3 hours before being told the flight was canceled. We then picked them up and brought them home, then took them back an hour later to catch another flight. In the middle of all that, I made a red velvet cake....except it's not red - it's ORANGE! This is what red plus yellow food coloring makes:

And I didn't even burn them, which is amazing since I always burn muffins without exception.

And I even made my grandmother's homemade icing - this is her cake recipe too. I love that it's in her handwriting and at the bottom it says, "Delicious!" And that's underlined, so she MEANT it! Lucas wanted to write something in frosting, but I insisted we make it look like Mamaw's cake, which had a circle of pecans on top.

I believe Mimi was surprised.

Ooh, I love a trick candle. This one has to be dipped in water to stop re-lighting.

Now why didn't I think to make the icing blue! That has just occurred to me - I even had blue food coloring!

This sucker even TASTES good, so looka there - I CAN cook after all!


Pammie said...

What a great cake! War Eagle!! What a great mommy and daughter!

The Family Stone said...

what a great looking cake! Every time I try to make a layered cake it comes out lopsided. You must share your secret with me!

marysews said...

I've been told that red velvet cake gets its color from red food coloring and cocoa! I think your cake turned out pretty cool, though!

Sister said...

Lisa, this was lopsided - I just turned the straightest edge towards the camera! And Mary, I didn't think about the cocoa - maybe if I'd left it out it would've been a brighter orange. I'll try that next time!

Junior said...

beautiful cake and great picture of Mimi!

Anonymous said...

Loved the mother's recipe on your other grandmother's cake stand. I don't know how you find time to do all that you do. You are very special, Daughter!

Sister said...

You are kind of creepy, anonymous lurker....oh, wait, is that you Mom?! Phew! Thought I had a stalker!