Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Hope y'all had a great weekend - we had a nice one over at the beach. The dog needed to be right up in my lap on the way over. He actually put a paw up on the center console at one point, but Dean wouldn't let him drive.

We had some old friends over for a fish fry. Pat here has covered himself in the grass that washes up on the little beach. Last time somebody got in the grass, they complained of stinging and ended up with a red rash where bugs bit them. Luckily, Pat is an environmental engineer and knows what he's doing.

He brought a "box" of oysters over that took two days to finish. This is Dean's Father's Day breakfast - oysters and Diet Mountain Dew. I actually ate several right from the shell with cocktail sauce on them. Look Ma, no cracker!

Still waiting for the sewing mojo to return. I did go to Hancock and the manager still recognizes me. She cracks me up yelling, "Hey Girl!" and is very nice to talk to me, though she's never used the Simplicity binding tape maker they sell. If any of you have, let me know what you think because I might buy that with my gift card. Off to PR to read reviews.


The Family Stone said...

My blog won't let me comment on my own post, so I hopped over here to answer your question about the Just Dance 2. So much fun and you work muscles that you don't even know you had. I would use it more if we had more than one TV! I'd say it was worth the money! And totally unrelated--our Hancock's just went out of business, and I am so sad! I get the girls' ribbons there to make bows and contemplate buying a sewing machine and learning to sew.

Pammie said...

Wow! What a fantastic weekend - and I am SO jealous of the oysters - we don't have them out here in Southern California. ..

Sister said...

Oh, Lisa, to lose your only Hancock's! Whatever will you do about those sewing lessons!