Thursday, June 9, 2011

An Entrepreneur with a Purpose

So if our Internet was up, I'd post the old photos of all the sales he's had in the past, like the hot chocolate sale (bombed), the book sale, the toy sale, and the lemonade sale made with our own lemons. This time he agreed to donate proceeds to charity, so we registered with the Multiple Sclerosis society, who puts on this big lemonade sale during the summer. We pledged $300 and got 96 cans of lemonade, 3 boxes of chocolate cookies, a banner, 2 yard signs, a donation jar, information sheets for donors, and T-shirts for the host kids.

Hs main concern to start with was how to decorate the table and arrange the propaganda - this is Lucas, who is different. He's now been out there 1.5 hours in 90-degree weather and is so proud that he's made at least $30! Every time a car comes I have to run in the house because he wants to be alone with the customers...we know that grownups talk too much if I'm standing out there from previous experience.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow I can post my video of giving the baby crow, who remains alive, water from a syringe. It was rather creepy and reminded me of why I didn't become a gynecologist (ewwwwww!). The plan is to trap it in a cage and take it it the Environmental Studies Center to be raised, except it doesn't want to go in the cage. Maybe he didn't get the memo that he's dying because his parents aren't feeding him.

So a second cable guy is coming tomorrow to take a crack at our internet, which was fixed all of 8 hours before going down again. We may become legends at Comcast. (They already changed the phone options to "If this is Dr. Fun, please press 3."). I can send my pics to the blog by mobile blogger, but the videos have to be embedded from YouTube, which is surely a pain. Plus I'm just not as funny on the iPad as I am on a desktop. (You don't have to agree.). See, that would've been better in italics.....


Amy said...

How fun! I hope that he makes a ton of money!!!!

Junior said...

Proud of that boy!