Saturday, July 31, 2010

San Antonio

So I packed a book, chapstick, and sunglasses in my carry-on bag for the flight to pick up Drew. What did Lucas pack?

That would be 2 animals to hug, an empty breath mint container stripped of it's label, a play toilet plunger from Mardi Gras, a magnet, a box containing a broken electric fan (handheld), an empty Valentine candy container, and an empty camera case, among other things. I made sure he didn't have any liquids or weapons - you never know with this kid. He begged to bring a half-size baseball bat to play with, but it wouldn't fit.

And here he is in historic Market Square getting to ready to ride the bull. The hat is doing a fine job keeping the Texas sun off his head!

So anybody know any good fabric stores in San Antonio?


KID, MD said...

Alas, most of the fabric shopping in SA caters to the quilting world. The Joann on the north side of 410 (across from Lone Star mall) is fairly nice, but in the end, is just a Joann.

Pammie said...

That's what I want to pack on trips!! Wise son:)

The Family Stone said...

I know nothing about San Antonio, but I do have a question. I am considering taking the plunge and learning how to sew. What would be a good machine to start with? has to be easy to operate and pack up and put away. I don't have room for it to sit out anywhere for any length of time. My last foray into sewing was 4H in 4th grade where Mary Evelyn McGough put me to shame in an apron making contest--it was stressful from beginning to end and I distinctly remembering my mom sighing alot. Any suggestions from a seasoned veteran?

Junior said...

That boy knows how to pack like a seasoned traveler and the mini toilet plunger could be useful in case y'all run into a stopped-up toilet.

Sister said...

That must be the standard 4-H project - we made aprons too! Mine was out of some paisley fancy fabric my mom had, and Amy Collins won with one made from a dish towel!