Saturday, July 10, 2010

After the Sewing...

So this year at Lake Martin we were lucky enough to find a couple of rope swings! These provided hours of fun (plus bruised flanks, sore arms, and back pains). Now, I've lost Tracey's clip - Scott, will you check and see if you have it - but here's a sample of my work:

Elizabeth opted for the easier version, though the level of difficulty in accessing the swing was much higher - you had to traverse a steep slope with pebbles then step up on a tree. Now this was edited for time, as it took her 28 full seconds to get her nerve up, but God bless her for trying it!

I'll post Tracey's swing when I find the clip. (It's similar to Elizabeth's down to the scream at the end). Here's to 40+ year old women willing to laugh in the face of terror and the threat of spinal surgery for the pursuit of adventure!

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Liba said...

Somehow it's just not the same unless you scream! I feel my family would be let down if I didn't scream! Such fun - even if I did talk myself into it. Funny the things we do so our children won't be disappointed. :)