Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kwik Sew Shorts - Love 'Em!

This pattern is awesome! I worked on them a little bit yesterday and finished them up today, but you could certainly do them in one day if you're not working around this:

Yes, I had to take turns with Lucas on the machine because it was just killing him not to be able to finish his "big sheet."

What's he making? A tent canopy, far as I can tell, that he wants to mount on a pole over his bed and use Mardi Gras beads to raise and lower it. Uh, okay. So he's been going through the scrap bag pulling out pieces to sew together.

So back to my shorts, this is my first Kwik Sew and I love the instructions. She's big on overcasting seams if you don't have a serger, so I did that instead of pinking. I also used Betzina's method of sewing a bit of selvage in the crotch seam to strengthen it.

Now sorry for the very crappy pictures - I guess that's dust on the mirror, but you can see that I matched the plaid quite nicely in the front. Well, except for the waistband. But the pockets I added from the failed Simplicity shorts match up. I read other reviewers complaints that the real pockets gaped, so I slapped these on. And, look Ma, I made a nice waistband (except for the plaid not matching) - I added a button instead of the hook/eye closure.

And I couldn't match the plaid from the side, plus there was a little gaposis of the contoured waistband, but I can fix that next time - no big deal.

And they fit nicely, but I totally failed to match the plaid in the back - oops!

I love the fabric - cotton madras from Hancock, very soft - and these will go with lots of shirts I have, even the poorly fitting Jalie!

So I'm going to make another pair in a pink plaid Madras, then try a couple of shirts to go with them. Yeah, that's in addition to a lecture on Wednesday, a class reunion next weekend (should I make something to wear to that?), and another lecture coming up. That'll happen!


KID, MD said...

They look great! Nice job on the plaids!

Sister said...

Well thanks - only nice if you're not behind me! I was careful with cutting out the front, but the fabric must've shifted when I cut out the back. :(

Sheila said...

You did a good job. Is that KS 3614? I worked on that pattern last nite and fumbled for some time with the fly front and spent a good deal of time removing a lot of ease. I think I should of went for a medium.

Sister said...

Yep, 3614 - that's funny we were sewing the same thing. This one fits a lot better than the New Look shorts I made last year. Hope you get yours to turn out - I've been wearing mine all day!

gwensews said...

Looks like a really good fit! Great job!

sewistafashionista said...

I got so excited when I saw the pictures. I thought, "She's bought her son a machine!"

Then a reasonable part of my mind said that he was probably using your machine.

I liked your shorts and think they look good with the top. I have a few Kwik Sew patterns and I really like them too. They aren't exactly glam on the pattern envelopes but most of them have worked out well for me.

Junior said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shorts!!!! (hint hint)

Sister said...

Sewista - I'm thinking about a used Janome 3128 that my dealer has - just like your Hello Kitty machine without the decals she says. We'll's funny to see a kid begging to go sew instead of watch cartoons.

Junior - send me some measurements! Need waist and hips (pull it tight) and what kind of fabric you like - maybe I can do a muslin out of some twill I have (got a whole bolt at that church yard sale) and send it to you for comments on fitting.

Junior said...

Put on 5 lbs at the lake so gotta work that off before can submit measurements...shameful!