Friday, July 16, 2010

Lake Martin Wrap-Up and New Projects

Chiquita Tracey welcomes you to the last of the Lake Martin memories.

I did get a lot of sewing done that week. Every day after lunch while others were napping or reading, I'd work on something. Let's see, there was Scott's hole in his pocket, Jim's ripped shorts (twice!), Joe's ripped bathing suit, finishing touches on all the lake shirts, my niece's shirt, and Drew's shorts. Yay, I finished them and my mom helped me figure out a new waistband treatment - hooray. (Now I can't remember it.) Here he is wearing them, as well as his cousin.

So now I'm on to some shorts for myself, and I think I'll try these Kwik Sew 3614's - they got really good reviews and MNBarb at PR made like 27 pairs or something! I've got them cut out and ready to go this weekend.

As promised (threatened?), here's a sample of my mother's dance stylings. I think it speaks to what an excellent dancer Jim is that he's wearing shoes and she's barefooted, and yet there is no cursing or screaming.

And with that, my brother and sister bid you adieu! (Yes, he's holding a fireplace broom they were using as a microphone - I believe it was for Elvis's Moody Blue.)


Pammie said...

I am completely impressed!! Vacation and sewing!! You are the woman!! Now, I must go out and grab some of those Kwik Sew shorts pattern.

Junior said...

Gosh, Scott & I look like those ghosts at the end of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride bidding farewell......spooky!