Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Lake Shirts

So here we all are in our trashy lake shirts (S2666), as I like to refer to them. Not necessarily a ho-shirt, but the only one I would wear out in public is Elizabeth's view (my SIL in pink) - much more coverage. I'm on a mobile device in Texas, so sorry for the out of order pics. Obviously this is the back view.

Here we are embracing our muffin tops.

And I did bring the machine to the lake so I could make a top for my niece - thank goodness Jalie (2794) has kid sizes too. Aren't they cute in their matching shirts? The fit was spot on and it went together really quick, so I didn't miss any water time.

Oh good, the nicest picture for last!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You all look gReat in your tops!
Nice work.

Amy said...

Y'all are so brave! Embracing the muffing tops - much courage.

Looking good, but even better, y'all look like you're having a blast!

gwensews said...

Great tops! Looks like you had a blast!

BB said...

They look great! I sure wish I could sew!