Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New PJ's...For Me?

Well, just PJ shorts, not a whole set. These gray shorts were the very first thing I sewed with my brand new Brother PC-420 that I bought for my birthday a year ago. I made them to wear at Lake Martin so as to have some decent PJ shorts to wear in front of the extended family. Did I say decent?...

I should've said "roomy."

These were a Butterick pattern for PJ pants and shorts as well as a cami, and they were notoriously oversized...which I found out after I joined PR. I mean, I could build a couple of shelves in there to store my Twinkies and Ho-Ho's! They are monstrously big. I could adopt some orphan kangaroos and provide them a loving home. (But I prefer not to.) I don't mind turning over at night and adjusting the blanket, but adjusting the leg of my PJ's to cover my hoo-ha is a bit much.

Thus I made these up in one hour last night. I bought a cheap cotton knit at and used Simplicity 9499 to make these up.

This is a men's small and it sewed up in 10 minutes, with an extra 15 for trimming seams, threading the elastic in the casing, etc. I haven't hemmed them yet - this is a muslin and it's a bit snug, but I slept well last night and didn't moon anybody.

I even wore them today around the house. Hmm, maybe I'll make up some more of these with a smaller seam allowance to give a bit more room. I bought 3 or 4 yards of this fabric at like $1.99 thinking I'd make a cute shirt, but it was a big disappointment in being not very stretchy and not terribly soft...but apparently perfect for PJ's and wear-around-the-house shorts (even if it IS a men's pattern).


Amy said...

woosh! I thought that the first pair of pj's were your new ones and I didn't know how to say that they were a bit big. Your really new pj shorts look much, much better!

Pammie said...

Those are cute and comfy!! Yes, I think we've all had that "first sewing pair" of elastic something!! I'm a big fan of the quick sew!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Second pair ~ a much better fit :)

They do look very comfy and perfect for around the house.