Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac and Dr. Fun at Work

This is what Isaac did to our yard at the beach Tuesday - drowned it. But it didn't get into the house, so there's a huge blessing. Robbie, we're waiting to hear about your house when Vic gets to go home. You're up on stilts, right?

And while Dean was on call at the hospital and the boys and I were hanging out with my Mom and Jim waiting for the power to go out (it never did - another blessing), I knitted. Starting about 12:30 PM after I finished work and ate lunch, I sat on her couch and knitted a gauge swatch (or whatever you call it). I started with 10.5 needles called for, but that was too small, so I went to her next size larger which were 13's, but that was too big, so I loosened up and went back to the 10.5's. Success! This is what you get after about 7-8 hours of knitting.

Yes, I got up to eat dinner, and we eventually went home around 9 PM, whereupon I sat back down on the couch and knitted till 11:30 PM. I finished this sleeve last night and have already started the second one. I am OBSESSED with knitting now...poor neglected sewing machine. But I am having my best days in a while - go to work, go get the kids, go to Pure Barre while they do homework and chores, have a hot shower followed by a nice dinner my husband cooked (they don't like my cooking, so I do NOT feel guilty, but I know I'm spoiled), then sit on the couch and knit while they watch TV. BLISS!


Pammie said...

That knitting is fantastic - I'm thinking of taking a knitting class to help improve my skills! I'm a beginner and I don't even know anyone who sews (personally).

Wow! That dock is under water - but I'm thrilled no water in the house!

I've got to get my knitting on!

RobbieK said...

Yes, we are 13 feet up. Vic is back home and the water is off the drive and the concrete pad under the house, still in the yard. We didn't have any damage, just stinky clean up. We didn't lose power either. I'm driving back Sunday after church.

I'm sooo proud of you for finding an exercise routine that you enjoy! And, I know a lot of people who are obsessed with knitting. I've never gotten the bug. I do like to smock and crochet, I think it is the same sort of repetitive, soothing zone.

Sister said...

Pammie, it's so handy to have my mom help me when I have a question, plus I have 3 books now, so maybe you can go to a knitting club or something.

Robbie, hooray for no big damage!!! We're almost done with our cleanup today - margarita time! Drive safely....oh, and my exercise is paying off - Drew and I carried heavy chairs back to the dock, and he got tired before I did. Go muscles!

Sheila said...

That sleeve came out great. You are really getting your knitting on.