Monday, August 13, 2012

A Bodice

See, I have no vision whatsoever. When my MIL gave me this fabric, I thought "Maybe I'll make a skirt, but where would I wear it?" Look what a cute summer dress it makes!

Okay, the top HALF of a summer dress. I pinned the bodice to the scrap of fabric I have left, and I really feel like if I cut a little off here and there and sew it to the back to cover my bum, this'll work! I'm going through other patterns and I pulled out one straight skirt I've made a couple of times - the blue floral one with the exposed pink zipper, if you remember that - because it uses very little fabric. I may try tracing that, but I have to get it join the bodice, so I'll frankenpattern them together and see if I have enough. If not, I'll try going with a tunic length top and wear it with leggings. (Wonder where they sell gold leggings, that would really make this pop!)

Okay, send any suggestions you have...I also have to put together my popcorn presentation for the Cub Scout Pack meeting next week, so my sewing time is getting crunched - yikes!

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