Friday, August 3, 2012

Canoeing on Your Birthday

We went over to Adventures Unlimited in Milton, FL for a 7-mile canoe trip on Lucas's birthday. Last time we did this, Jake was a puppy.

Two miles in, we stopped to eat lunch. Then the thunder started. We packed up pretty quick but couldn't avoid the thunderstorm that blew up right over us. Let's just say that we avoided hypothermia by huddling under an overturned canoe Dean set up for us, and we finally just took off paddling when the radar showed no let-up in sight.

Five miles of river and several hours later, we made it home in time to celebrate his birthday with the grandparents - hooray!

This will probably be his most memorable birthday ever.

Maybe not the best one....unless you call not getting hit by lightning a good thing, in which case it was most definitely the best day ever!


BeckyW said...

I love that river. We used to go at least twice every summer before we had kids. We always went to Bob's Canoes. I don't know what the difference was in the drop off and pick up. We've been talking about going with the kids now that they are 10 and 14. We talked about it all winter. Now that it is summer, we haven't thought about it once until I saw your post. We have to go now.

Sister said...

Be sure and check the weather first! ;)

Sheila said...

Just reading about your adventure had me shivering. I have an acute fear of boats + lightening = a sad swimmer.

However, you & yours are real troopers and Happy Birthday to your Son.

Pammie said...

That is fantastic - I love hearing your adventures in/around Pensacola/Mobile and the Emerald Coast:) So much fun!

Sister said...

Yeah, lately every adventure on water involves a storm!