Friday, August 17, 2012

Almost Done with the Top...

The mojo is firing on all cylinders, people! I had my best day ever on Wednesday, when I had a good day at work, made it to the inaugural Pure Barre class, came home and showered, had a nice dinner with the family, sewed a little bit on the shirt, then knitted on the couch while the family watched TV. What a productive day! And yesterday was pretty darn good too, since I got the baby bunting completely cut out and ready to go. A brief side note: where do you ladies buy ribbing? They didn't even have it in Boston! I bought a ready-made collar at Hancock and cut the pattern out from it, then today I found ready-made cuffs, but ya' gotta have real ribbing sometimes. Back to business: I nearly finished the top.

And here it is, looking like a completely different color. I'm just lacking the hem, so I tried it with some black denim shorts I have in the hopes that they would work for the "island party" tomorrow night.
Um, hmmmmm.
Well, I'm happy I dipped the back a little lower than the front, because I think I'll be shopping for some leggings in the morning. I don't even know where to buy leggings that you can wear in public....Kohl's? Target? I need some help here. I am so sad this wasn't a dress. I have gold flat sandals and dangly gold earrings - why couldn't this be a real dress?!

Am I the only one who thinks these shorts look like a short version of Captain Kirk's pants? Remember, their pants ended just above the ankle and flared out a little - very retro. And the ladies (Uhura - my favorite!) wore black boots with their mini-dresses. Continuing to take the side track, did anybody else notice that many plots revolved around Kirk being disrespectful to the ladies? It was always Uhura and that blonde chick, but you never saw anybody else be the one taken over by the evil alter ego (well, Spock once, but they didn't make him lecherous, just kind of sexy and angry). Okay, time to stop drinking wine and get back to hemming.


Pammie said...

I love that blouse! Fantastic color - and Wow! You are so productive!!

So funny about Captain Kirk - I can see it:)

Sister said...

Thanks - it's nice when the mojo's kicking every now and then!