Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shrug Almost Done

Haven't blogged lately because Scouts started up again with the Popcorn Kickoff as usual, which is handled by moi, so I've been a little busy. Also have a terrible cold for some reason, necessitating Benadryl, which makes blogging dangerous, but I'm giving it a go tonight! Here's the shrug thus far.

Okay, it's 2 really long sleeves, and I figured out that you sew the rectangular ends together, so there's a center seam up the back. Don't really care for that, but I didn't understand it when I read the pattern. I thought it was the usual "make 2 sleeves and sew them to the bodice" type of pattern, but it wasn't. So the instructions tell you to do this kitchener stitch I believe it's called - had to google it for a video - and it results in this odd seam up the back.

In the video, it matches exactly with the rest of the piece, but it obviously doesn't with mine, so I took that out and bound off to just sew the 2 pieces together. Then you sew the sleeves together up to the markers. My mother would be very proud of me (she's in Pennsylvania with the newest grandchild - Pammie, I know your pain of not having someone who can help with questions) because I made a mistake on a row and actually took out a row and a half to correct it. Plus when I undid the kitchener stitch, I had to identify 24 stitches and get them back on the needles correctly - woohoo! Now I want to be very careful sewing this back together since it's such an obvious seam. I'm saving that for a non-Benadryl day.

And what's happened to me now is that I don't have any desire to sew at all currently, because I want to knit constantly! I bought a knitting magazine in Hancock and have already picked out my next project. I also went in Al's 5 & 10, and look what I found:

I had to restrain myself from buying more yarn and pattern books.

I'm curious how you bicraftual women (oh, I have totally coined a new word!) balance your projects. I know I need to get my niece's fleece done in time for football season, and I'd like those new yoga pants I planned to make, but I'm stuck on knitting right now. Maybe it'll get old to blow my nose - goodnight!


Junior said...

The solution is to KNIT the yoga pants instead. :)

Sheila said...

You are really making a go of knitting and so jealous... I want to knit now.

Sister said...

But you're making all those awesome dresses and tops, Sheila!

Yes, Junior, off to knit some yoga pants....