Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby Bunting - Done!

Well, I cut out the bunting one night in about 20 minutes (including tracing a smaller size, because it's Kwik Sew), and sewed this up in one hour flat. Oh, add 10 minutes to attempt ripping out this cuff that I sewed to the wrong side. And you can't rip overcast stitching in fleece, so I had to cut the seam and re-sew it.

Here's the finished product in very bad sunlight, with another little outfit I made for Lucas when he was a baby. That was back when you could buy ribbing in stores.

Here's a close-up of said ribbing, along with my poor stitching. I didn't have a serger and apparently was fond of a wide zigzag.

Now this neck ribbing was purchased at Hancock's and made from a "ribbed collar for RTW" shirts that is meant to replace a collar on a shirt. It's sold as one piece and is kind of stiff, but I put the pattern piece on it and cut this out. So $5 for that. The cuffs are "ribbed cuffs for RTW" shirts that I cut down to the right length - about $5 for that too. What gives? Even the store in Boston didn't have ribbing. Are you supposed to just buy a ribbed knit in white? Go online? Ridiculous, but I made it work.

So this pattern was EASY and I think I'll make another one a little larger in a heavier fleece for winter. This is gonna be a warm little baby in Pennsylvania! (Better get online and order some ribbing now...)

Next capris - Silhouette style! (Because I've now done 4 Pure Barre classes - these thighs are getting TIGHT...on the inside, that is....they're still quite doughy on the outside.)


Rachelle said...

Very cute and nice and warm.

Sheila said...

Awww the bunting is so cute. I have wanted to make one several times, but the construction frightened the hell out of me. Now my nieces/nephews are past the bunting stage.

Sister said...

Thanks Rachelle.

Sheila, give me a break! The construction frightened you, but you're making all these wrap dresses and PANTS - you crack me up!