Monday, April 30, 2012

Wooly Nylon Disappears, Story at 11.

First of all, I hate that Arsenio and Aubrey didn't get to air themselves out last night on Celebrity Apprentice, but Dayana and Lisa sure did. I was just stunned with Dayana's dress - check out the twisty knotty thing it does at the shoulder. I studied it when she walked out but I can't find a picture of it on the internet. Alas, I have legs made for pants, so I need to stop buying all these dress patterns already!
So here's what happened with Vogue 1085, round 2. (You may recognize the fabric if you've been here awhile.) I wanted to center the blue stripe but didn't have enough fabric, and forget about matching seams and sleeves! I did the best I could with my remnant.
I cut the band shorter to raise the neckline, but I had to piece it to get just the blue border I wanted, and I forgot to add in the seam allowance - too short. It pulls the cowl up very weirdly.
See how it's all bunchy there?
I took the band out, added another piece to make it an inch longer, and resewed it in. Good enough! And no quarter this time...
This was just funny because I was snapping photos blindly and caught an admirer who's very proud of my work.
Did I mention that I watched Pretty in Pink while I was working on this? Now how long is that movie, about an hour and a half? That's how long I stood at the cutting table trying to match circles - I am not even kidding. Well, I did sit down to watch the finale at the prom. I just love that movie - Annie Potts is fantastic, and they play Cherish (by The Association, not Madonna), which is one of my all-time favorite songs, and Molly Ringwold makes her own prom dress, which looked awful and like it didn't fit, but maybe that was the style at the time. Just an awesome movie all around.

Oh, now I have a question for the wooly nylon experts. Why did it disappear in this seam? I did find out that it only works on twin-needle stitched seams, as my sleeves were just single needle and don't stretch a bit, but this is the hem of my shirt and after gently pulling it, something happened. Do you think it's the wrong tension? Did I wind it too tightly on the bobbin?
And finally, isn't this a creepy closet? I've made 2 shirts out of the same fabric, and 2 shirts from the same Jalie pattern. I forgot to put the original Vogue from the sewing class in there - that'd be even weirder-looking!
Oh, and tomorrow, I'll have a gigantic surprise for you. Yes, I found a serious ribbon at Joann's today and all I have left is hemming the cardigan, which will then be worn to work! Pictures tomorrow!


tigergirl said...

I really like your new top - I like graphic prints but rarely see them at prices I'm willing to pay. Unfortunately I have no clue with regards to the woolly nylon - I've only used it in the upper looper on a dress that is currently being made and it seems to be working out fine (the woolly nylon, the dress still has some issues, hence the fact that it is still being made).

Junior said...

I like that shirt a lot....especially the pattern!

Sister said...

Holy moly Tigergirl - wooly nylon in a serger? You are a real woman! I like graphic prints too, but they rarely appear in Mobile, so I grabbed that one at my local store - the black and gray came from New Orleans...and was about the cheapest thing they carried at Promenade.

Thanks, Junior!

gwensews said...

I've never used wooly on the sewing machine. I have used it on the serger with good results. Your top looks good-wear it and be proud!

Sister said...

Okay, 2 people using wooly in the serger - I've missed something! Thanks, Gwen - I did wear it to dinner the other night.