Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ribbons and Sleeves

I'm on call this weekend, so while the boys went fishing, I stayed home and sewed. We all had a productive weekend! (That would be a sheepshead.)

So this is what the ribbon looks like on the cardigan - I just pinned it on to get an idea. I also de-flared the sleeves and shortened the front, and I'm happy to report that the cardigan has been cleared of all ethics violations.
Um, I think the ribbon is cute, but not for work with khakis and tops. It says, "Let's go to the circus and have fun," and I need it to say, "I'm sorry you're sitting in my office with a problem." I plan to keep looking for a more serious ribbon with a stronger work ethic. But may I say how much I like the cardigan now, and I may have to try it again in a different fabric. Definitely a keeper.

So I set that aside and tried to finish my Silhouette Ann's Top that I started over Spring Break. I tapered the shoulder seams and tightened the French dart with excellent results, so I'm ready for a sleeve...or AM I? Please note the wrinkles on back of sleeve. (Don't be distracted by the neckline - it was reportedly weird-looking as a sleeveless shirt with a cowl neck, so I cut off the cowl and used it for sleeve muslins - clever!)
And how the front bodice pulls - this sucker feels TIGHT!

So I went to the books and the treadmill - yes, I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill while reading The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting regarding sleeves and armholes. And this is what I found. I lowered the sleeve till the hem was straight and it was comfortable and saw that I had a full inch to raise the sleeve cap. I also checked the circumference and had 1" of ease, so I probably will add that, but first for the sleeve cap.

Here's where I added to the pattern. The length was fine, just needed some height according to the book.
Well, that made it a tiny bit better, but not much. It still feels tight and pulls on the shirt.

So I decided to get more education on that, but in the meantime I wanted a quick success to have something to show for my day of sewing, so I made another Vogue 1085 out of remnants from the Jalie sweetheart top. I finished at midnight, but have to fix the band which was too small for the neckline. I'll get pics of that later today.

Oh, and my education this morning was to watch Silhouette patterns sleeve webcast - I mean I took NOTES people - highly recommend! I'll try again on the sleeve, but first I've got to welcome the fishermen home. Have a great weekend!


Pammie said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your cardigan! Finally, right?
I bought a couple in Hawaii at Nordstrom's a few years back because they are great - on planes, etc .. . . and good for hot weather! Great job!

I can tell you're working your fitting issues!

Sister said...

Well, I'm trying - not much success yet....