Monday, April 23, 2012

The Boardroom

(Yeah, if you don't watch Celebrity Apprentice, you just want to skip this entire thing.)
Mr. Trump: So Dr. Fun, your challenge was to create a cardigan for work. Who was your project manager?
Dr. Fun: I was the project manager, sir.
Mr. Trump: Really....I thought you would've picked Sandra Betzina, since this is in her wheelhouse. Interesting. Ivanka, tell us what the executives thought about Dr. Fun's cardigan.
Ivanka: Well, some thought her choice of fabric was questionable, though others thought it appropriate.
Mr. Trump: Dr. Fun, who chose the fabric?
 Dr. Fun: I did, Mr. Trump.
Mr. Trump: Did you consult with Sandra Betzina on that? I mean, she's written books about fabric. Dr. Fun: Well, Mr. Trump, she did recommend a different fabric, but I was in a time crunch and decided to proceed as planned.
Mr. Trump: Don, did the executives have any more comments on the cardigan?
 Don, Jr.: Some of them did think the sleeves should be straightened out and not flared as much.
 Mr. Trump: Dr. Fun, who recommended flaring the sleeves?
Dr. Fun: That would be Sandra Betzina, sir. I was going to go with the original sleeve, but she suggested lengthening it and flaring it.
Mr. Trump: Ah, so it was her idea. Did you think it was a good one?
Arsenio Hall:  Mr. Trump, can I just say something here?  Sandra Betzina is amazing, sir, and when she pitches an idea, it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of it.
Mr. Trump:  You're right Arsenio, she's a great woman; but the fact is that Dr. Fun was the project manager.  Dr. Fun, you're fired.


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BeckyW said...

That is too funny! I love Celebrity Apprentice.

Junior said...

Bahahaha! Excellent!

Sister said...

My homage to Apprentice...I live for Sunday nights!

Anonymous said...

Hah!!! You definitely nailed The Donald's phrasing--Amy

Sister said...

Thank you - a sign of a devoted fan.