Thursday, April 12, 2012

End of Spring Break

No, I didn't do any sewing over Spring Break after the family arrived. We were enjoying this too much:

And this:

And my mom and I especially enjoyed this.

Yes, I took a picture of the score sheet from our Spades game against Dean and my BIL, Joe. See, we started out in the hole, but I went mellow a couple of times and we came within one point of them before the final hand, when we set them - awesome teamwork. And I have to show off these matching aprons my mom made for herself and my niece - how cute!

And before I lose the non-sewists, can I show you the fabulous Florence and The Machine? Junior, I made you listen to Shake It Out, but I forgot about this one. I nearly ran off the road (not really) dancing to this in the car when it came on. The video's very odd (a Voodoo guy and Catholic church people? I don't get it), but close your eyes and listen to the song.

In other news, Sandra Betzina's coming next week and I have to decide on my patterns. I'm not feeling up to a button-up shirt with collar and sleeve plackets like I attempted (and failed) last year, so I guess this is certainly out of the question.

This one seems to have been discontinued already, since I couldn't find it on their website - the pic is from Pattern Review.

Same thing for this one, which I'll probably make - the top, not the dress.

Have you got a favorite Betzina Vogue top? I know there are some new ones out there. Any advice is welcome, and it's a 2-day workshop, so I could possibly do 2 easy things.


Pammie said...

It's so difficult to sew - when it's gorgeous outside isn't it?

sewistafashionista said...

Your spring break looks like it was beautiful! I didn't know Betzina had new blouses out. I think it would be so wonderful to take a class with her. Enjoy! :)

Sister said...

Sewista, I saw your comment but now it's gone. She has a new flow-y top with drapey sleeves, and a cute pencilly skirt with flounces at the bottom.