Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debugging the Commercial Pattern

So to ease back into my sewing mojo, I signed up for this class at my local joint, All About Sewing. This is who hosts Sandra Betzina and others during the year. For some reason, I was the only person who signed up for this. Maybe it was because it was hidden in the schedule, or maybe it was because it didn't involve actual sewing. (Robbie, had you noticed it and opted out, or did you not know about it?)

I took several patterns that were already cut out and basically had a private tutorial from Sue on how to double check patterns and see if they need adjusting before cutting them out of fabric. I got a handout with several rules regarding different garments. Some of this was common sense, like making sure the front and back outseams of skirts or pants are the same length. One thing I hadn't caught before was looking at the front and back shoulder seams of the Betzina blouse pattern - the slope was actually different, and when overlapped, it resulted in the very wrinkle I ended up with in my shirt! If I'd picked that up to start with, maybe I would be wearing that shirt right now...maybe. Sue's hypothesis was that the Today's Fit line is supposed to fit today's imperfect woman (with rounded shoulders), whereas her original Vogue 1000 (which is their pattern block - did I phrase that right?) had identical front and back shoulder seams.

Anyway, there was information on pattern blocks and drafting methods, and we looked at some of my actual patterns and where I might want to adjust them, so that was very helpful. It also forced me to cut out some patterns, so maybe I'll get the gumption to go upstairs and make something!


BeckyW said...

That sounds like a really great class. Maybe I'll try to catch it next time around. Right now with start of school looming over my head, I could not even think about a sewing class.

gwensews said...

That sounds like fun. My kind of day!

Sister said...

Ooh - start of school! I Kind of let it sneak up on me!

Robbie said...

I didn't know about the class. I probably would have enjoyed it. Had hand surgery 3 weeks ago, so I'm not sewing right now.