Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perhaps Back to Some Sewing?

Well, between vacation time and an upcoming lecture on Friday, plus call, I haven't set foot upstairs in quite a while. Now I ordered these two DVD's for my birthday present to myself (I'll find any excuse, really) but haven't looked at them yet. Anybody ever watch these?

Now I'm very excited about getting to them and then fixing that plaid muslin I had going earlier with the upside down zipper, especially since I ran across a "sample sale" in NYC where I purchased a pair of Dolce and Gabbana pants that were plaid and reminded me of the muslin. But it just hit me that the Fitting DVD has a terrible picture on the cover. That poor woman appears to be wearing nothing but pantyhose and half of a tissue pattern, and they've put her on the cover! God bless you, anonymous woman, unless that's you, Pati Palmer...then more power to you!


gwensews said...

Yes I have watched those videos. They are great. Do you have their pants fitting book? I saw their pant fiting method in action and it is the way I fit my own pants. As for the "Redneck Wine Glass", I would give it as a gift, along with a bottle of BoonesFarm wine!

Sister said...

Ah - the perfect accompaniment for the wineglass! And yes, I have their book too, so I should be well on my way to fixing those pants....if I just had the time. Glad to hear you liked their method.