Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Surprise Birthday Weekend

Well mercy-percy, Dean gave me a surprise weekend in New York City (New York City??!!) for my belated birthday! We arrived Friday and wandered around Washington Square before dinner (yes, those are the Betzina jeans).

A magic show was going on (I thought they only had street performers in New Orleans...hey, this magician IS from New Orleans), and would you believe that Lucas got called up? You can skip the crappy iPhone video unless you're a family member who didn't get it emailed to you already.

On Saturday we ate lunch outside since the weather was so nice and went to see War Horse at the Lincoln Center.

Yes, I'm embedding the Youtube video montage of the play because it was that good. Dean tells me Steven Spielberg is making a movie of it - get your tissues! I bet it won't be the same as the play though - look at these horse "puppets." It was amazing - they did stuff on the stage that was mind-blowing. (Of course, when they suddenly changed to slow-motion galloping with what I think was a dramatic representation of getting mown down by shells and machine gun fire, Lucas whispered, "What exactly is going on?")

And then the piece de resistance....we participated in Improv Everywhere's 8th MP3 Experiment!

Here's a link if you're not familiar. And here is an actual photo where you can see the three of us (Lucas is too short) - prize to the one who can pick me out of the crowd!


KID, MD said...

But where is the fabric?? You're in New York! Where is your Mood bag and picture with Kashi?? Wait, you need a picture with Kashi, while wearing the Betzina jeans and holding a Mood bag. That would be epic!

It looks like y'all are having a blast. Big points to Dean, and happy birthday to you!!

Sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! and glad you had a great time in NYC... woo hoo!

Ok... I think I found you... Far right, about 4 rows back, white top, & the diana ross hair move... hair behind left ear.

Junior said...

AWESOME birthday surprise!

Sister said...

KID - I know, right?! Next time I'll make it to Mood!

Sheila - good eyes! I thought about you when we drove by something called BJ(?)Fabrics that was having a sale - too bad we were on the way to the airport, plus that might have been upholstery fabric....

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Happy Birthday!

I did see you in the picture :)