Friday, August 5, 2011

Warning - PG-13!

So Lucas got some birthday money and wanted to buy some prank items from Amazon. Specifically, fake items that shock you. The product picture showed a couple of toy guns, pack of gum, laser pointer, etc. He pretty much got what he asked for. The flashlight and laser pointer actually work if you know the hidden button to push that won't shock you.

But there was one exception - no gum! Instead, they substituted a cigarette least, that's what I think it is.

I had to include both pictures, because this thing starts flashing when you open it, and I thought it was funny that I caught each boob lit up! I can tell there's no lighter fluid in it, so I haven't tried it to see if it shocks you when you "light your cigarette."

This is just wrong on so many counts. Lucas came running to me when he opened the package and was especially titillated with this particular item. I didn't know what to feel - should I be incensed? Angry? Write the company a hateful letter?

Then I remembered the pranks my dad used to play with his friends in the 70's, and I remembered when a girl brought a prank pen to school in the 4th grade (yes, the famous Rhonda P. for my siblings). Her pen showed a buxom woman in a bikini, but when you wrote with it the ink drained down and left her naked - gasp!

So I decided to play it cool like my dad would have, and let Lucas keep it. (I WILL be checking his backpack daily when school starts up again, don't you worry!)


KID, MD said...

Bwahahahah!! You are a cool mom. And that is a ridiculous lighter.
I remember that nekkid girl pen... My brother had one.

Leigh said...

I am really not sure there is a comment to this posting. I am too busy laughing. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junior said...

How 'bout those drinking glasses where the women's bikinis disappeared when you put ice/drink in the glass? I remember those were kept upstairs probably out of sight of the grandparents. My favorite gag was the brick that wasn't really a brick...

Sister said...

So nekkid girl pens were widespread! And Tracey, I vaguely remember those glasses and the brick. Remember the fake vomit and the spilled coke?

Junior said...

The fake vomit was AWESOME! Especially on Ms. Joan's oriental rug! I forgot about the spilled coke.....that's just good stuff.