Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sleeve Issues and the NEW Joann is Open!

Dang this sleeve problem! After the GCGSW where I made another scoop-neck T-shirt that had tight sleeves and shoulders, I adjusted the pattern for a forward shoulder, and I enlarged the sleeve cap to give me more room, but I STILL ended up with tightness.

Luckily, the print is so crazy that you can't see the wrinkles very well, but you know where to look.

The back of the sleeve cap is horribly off and wrinkled, and I see now that my sleeve cap length is 1/2" longer than the armscye, so that's a problem I should've fixed first.

But let's forget about depressing issues that will hopefully get worked out in October when I take a bunch of fitting classes at the Expo, and talk about the NEW JOANN! It's all bright and shiny when you step in...

And they even have a classroom at the front for classes.

Do you need to organize your sewing supplies?

There's an aisle for that! (Becky, I thought of you and bought a thread organizer.)

Do you need better lighting? There's an aisle for that!

Spraypaint? They've got their own special display case.

Books? All kinds of books - these are just for knitting and crocheting! The sewing area has the Complete Fitting Book by Sarah Veblen that I had to buy on the internet last year.

I do think the pattern books could be on an extra table - looks a little crowded here.

Hey, do you make jewelry? This is your new spot! (Just FYI, I wasn't following that poor lady around the whole time - that's my mom.)

They've got 2 or 3 aisles of beads and jewelry.

They're organized by color - here's a sample.

Look at these cute things you dangle from a necklace, I guess. This makes me want to take up jewelry-making.

Do you make jewelry and you need some display stands to sell it? There's an end cap for that! (I think that's the term.)

The grand opening is September 12 (the Mayor's going to be there - what?!), and here's a link to the activities and a 50% coupon - you're welcome!

Oh, Hancock, I love you, but you got some fixin' up to do!


BeckyW said...

I went by the Joann's Sunday,but didn't buy anything. I'm on a fabric diet until I can sew up some of my last summer Mood fabric.

I'm not sure if I'm going to like that new "take a number" cutting table approach at the new Joann's. There was tons of deadtime between customers. I'm not a fan of standing in line, but not sure if this is better either.

What is this about you going to an Expo? Dish! That sounds great. I'm doing an "Adjust the Bust" Craftsy class right now and am liking it a lot. I'm all about fitting classes!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Ooh - I heard them calling numbers and it didn't sound too good, but there weren't many people around so I didn't know why they had such a wait. I do like the new checkout situation - reminded me of TJ Maxx - so you'll never get to the counter and the one employee is cutting....hopefully. My checkout girl was brand new to the "crafting" world, so hopefully they have some new attitudes in the joint.

Now look, the Original Sewing Expo is in Birmingham October 10-12, and since I'm not needed for carpool anymore, I'm heading up! Are you interested? I've never done one before, so I'm giving it a shot, and I signed up for every fitting class they have...except the FBA! Go to sewingexpo.com and see if you're interested....

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Nice store! It looks huge!
Lucky you going to Expo :) did you take any Cynthia Guffey classes? If you did you will love her!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Ooh, I do have some Cynthia Guffey classes - 3 I think! I read your blog about her online classes, too!