Sunday, September 22, 2013

Asheville Saturday Night

Well, you get down the fiddle, and you get down the bow....wait, wrong state. (Apologies to the band Alabama.) So we ate at Limone's in downtown Asheville - YUM! This would be their interpretation of the steak fajita...

and the shrimp burrrrrrito...

and the smoked salmon quesadilla...

and last, but not least, my tenderloin with brussel sprouts and onion rings, with a side of lobster mac & cheese - HEAVEN!!!!

We did a little shopping at the Mast Store, or something like that, that made me want to pull my needles out and get crackin! These sweaters are as yummy as my steak, aren't they?

And this sweater was knit out of some luscious cashmere-ish feathery yarn - might have to try something like that.

And it's North Carolina, after all, so ya' gotta have some overalls. When's the last time you saw overalls in a store? I live in Alabama, for Heaven's sake, and I don't think I could find them if I tried.

So I had a GREHHHT weekend (this is in Andy Griffith voice) with my college roommates, and we had SUCH a blast, as usual. Do you have somebody you get together with once a year to do something fun like this?

Tomorrow I'll show you my color cards from Alabama Chanin, and I worked on the T-shirt in the Asheville Airport today - woohoo!

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