Friday, September 27, 2013

Stitchin' and Campin'

Here's the neckline of my AC (Alabama Chanin) fitted top, using the...I forgot what stitch this is. Not, cretan? Anyhoo, just have to finish binding the armholes and I'll be ready to model it for ya'. It's a wee bit too tight, but it is GORGEOUS!

The reason this has taken me so long to finish is not the hand-stitching, which actually goes pretty fast. Here they are in order of occurrence:
1. I sewed the wrong side of one piece to the right side of the other piece.
2. I undid that, then sewed the center of one piece to the side of the other piece. (I realized later that I had already marked center and sides because the neckline is almost identical to the armhole, but I forgot I did that.) Luckily, hand-stitching is way easier to remove than machine stitching - no ripping!
3. I've only used one strand of button craft thread, instead of two. I was thinking as I was sewing how beautiful it was with 2 strands of thread, but she said use only one. Then tonight I watched the video again, and she clearly says to use two - doh! Oh well, the NEXT shirt I make will have 2 strands of thread...and possibly a design that's cut out - what?!

Now, please enjoy Drew's Homecoming costume that he wore to school today...

And some dance moves...

Now a random shot of our family in Boy Scout uniforms. Now that Lucas has crossed over, we're ALL up in that. Can you imagine how scary we'd be if we went out to eat before the meeting? Strike a pose everybody!

And the family who does Scouting together goes camping together, right? Hey wait, guys, where ya' goin'?

Oh yeah, moms aren't allowed to camp with our troop - just dads. Looks like Natalie and I will be camping out with some needle and thread all weekend...and some ice cream.


Anonymous said...

My grandson, 1st grade, has joined the scouts and he is ecstatic that he and his Dad are going to spend the night on the USS Alabama. I"m jealous....OH yeah, they are selling popcorn, too.


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh yeah, you said it right - they don't "sleep" there because it's so loud! I didn't stay on board when Lucas did it, but I did get to tour the nuclear submarine the next day - it was the coolest! Will you be back down here when he does it? (11 days till Expo!)

Anonymous said...

No, it's sometime this fall. Looking forward to the Expo!


BeckyW said...

Love your family photo. That is adorable!!

I miss scouts. Sam did it for almost 4 years and then just got too busy with other things and had to drop out. We especially enjoyed the family campouts when he was a Tiger. Some of Jessica's friends who where boys were Weebelows (spelling?) and they would all hang out together and play on the den campouts. One morning Bart was up trying so hard to cook breakfast on his new campstove. Sam comes up with a big cup in his hand. Bart asks him what he is holding. It was hot chocolate that he got at another tent with the breakfast of pancakes and bacon that they fed him. He had goten up early and went tent hopping.

I can't wait to see a photo of your complete project.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Becky - that is HiLARIOUS! (Unless you're Bart.)

Junior said...

I see a Christmas card photo!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh no you don't!