Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Happy Birthday!

First, a special birthday shout-out to my friend, Jerry, husband of my second mother and previous boss while in college, who shares the same birthday - hope it was a good one, Jerry! (So sorry you have to suffer through the pictures of bathing suits on Laura's account - that's really taking one for the team!)

Now let me warn you of the dangers of the "balance ball." You've all seen one, you sit on it or lay on your back on it to do crunches, sit-ups, etc. You can lean sideways on it to work on the obliques. Well, last night I brought it into the den while the boys were playing guitar so I could exercise - I'm trying to get better about it. (Nothing makes you want to exercise like seeing yourself in a bathing suit, am I right?) Anyhoo, I did a bunch of crunches but wanted to work on the quadriceps, those big muscles on the front of your thighs, so I rolled way back and lifted my legs while just my hands were on the ground. Well, one of them slipped, so I found myself rolling backwards towards the fireplace with no way to stop. For a split second it was neat rolling, then I realized I was headed head-first towards the fireplace poker. I curled my head up and covered it with my left arm, then fell off onto my right side, sustaining this carpet burn to the wrist, plus a bloody elbow. We need some softer carpet!

So anyway, Dean had to leave really early for work this morning, so this is what I woke up to.

And he left Drew instructions to make coffee for me and heat up a croissant - my favorite!

One of my gifts was a gift card to Hancock, so here are a couple of things I picked up. The fabric will be a T-shirt and shorts to sleep in.

And the Kwik Sew book doesn't have a halter-ish style, so I researched for hours on PR and found this 2-piece tankini. I'll be attempting view B.

I was also in Joann looking for the Kwik Sew pattern because the Mobile Hancock didn't have it (yes, I eventually drove to Daphne - I needed that pattern today!) , and you will not believe that they only had one drawer of Kwik Sews. I was astounded, and asked 2 ladies sitting there if there were more drawers somewhere. They told me they heard Joann is going to build a new store - could be very exciting!

Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend. Watch for the 2-piece tankini, coming soon!


Rachelle said...

Happy birthday! sorry about the carpet burn. It looks sore. Better than a poker through the head though I guess :)(you could totally make that into a song!) I always knew exercise was bad for you and now you have proved me right! Have a great birthday. Buying fabric and patterns sounds like the perfect start

gwensews said...

Happy Belated BD! I agree with Rachelle-exercise is bad for your health! But croissants are good for you. I knew it, all along!

sewistafashionista said...

Happy Birthday! Croissants and Coffee - sounds wonderful. :)

Sister said...

Thank you! I'm avoiding exercise for at least a week now!