Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Project

So Pammie inspired me with this post to branch out from sewing a little bit. She knitted in a hotel room, and I figured I needed something to work on when I can't get to my sewing machine. So while we were at Lake Martin, my mom was working on a baby blanket and I got her to refresh me on knitting. And voila, another obsession is born!

I grabbed a couple of books from the library, borrowed her #8's, and bought a cheap skein at Hancock to try my hand at a hat her Sunday School class knitted for homeless shelters that's supposed to be easy.

So now, instead of ignoring my family while I sew upstairs, I can ignore them while I count stitches in my head on the couch - ha! (Just kidding, of course.)


Pammie said...

That's completely exciting! Thanks for the shout out! Your knitting already looks way better than some of my creations so far:)

I love it. I want to sit in the back of my classes when I'm not teaching and knit. Or in the airplane, knit. . .

Sister said...

Now can you take knitting needles on a plane? Maybe if they're wooden?