Saturday, July 14, 2012


Note the planes. Note the clouds. Note the bands of rain below the clouds. Note to self: even if it's pouring rain, apply sunscreen. My face is turning purple now because the rain prevented me from wearing sunglasses and the wind blew my hat, and it didn't occur to me to reapply sunscreen while hiding from a storm!


BeckyW said...

Looks like from the photos you are having a wonderful vacation.

Rachelle said...

Ditto what Becky said. And at the risk of preaching to the preacher aloe vera gel on your sunburn works great. Glad you're all having a fab time and especially that the swimsuit was a success!

Sister said...

Hate to go back to work tomorrow after a week of water fun, but the bathing suit did absolutely great (and even got an unsolicited compliment)!