Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Stitching

Well, the shorts are being held up by the fact that my machine is still threaded with pink thread for the tankini, and I had enough fabric left over to make the other bottom, which is lower-waisted. So yesterday I finally got around to narrowing the crotch and cutting that out of lining and fabric, plus I shortened the bands in the back of the top to try and pull the front a little tighter. I also hemmed the top with a triple zig-zag since the tan serging line was distracting (it looked a tiny line of skin showing - ewww).

And here's where the knitting stands. I experimented with different stitches, so it's a garter stitch on the edge, then I tried a seed stitch, but I didn't truly understand what knits and purls looked like, so I ended up with ribbing for several rows till my mother got ahold of it and set me straight. I only did a couple of rows of that and went back to stockinette, but it kind of makes a nice little trim for the hat. Dean even said it had a nice...rim? I can't currently think of the word to describe the lower edge of something - band? (Moooooo...)

And here's the fabric for the baby bunting that will happen after the shorts. It's actually not greenish, but tan - the color is off.

I picked this up at Fabrics by the Pound in Summerdale. They mostly have quilting cotton, but this was on the table of jersey knits for $2.99, so I grabbed it thinking of a dress or something.

And finally, this happened! He was so excited about getting braces before he got them, and after attempting to chew one bite at dinner that night, he said, "I don't like braces."

I hope to have a productive weekend on call - what are you up to?


Sheila said...

Wow... You really have knitting down pack.. Love the color.

RobbieK said...

I never find anything at Fabrics by the Pound and so, never stop there anymore!

Sister said...

Thanks, Sheila - I'm stalking your site to find patterns you've knitted...

And Robbie, it's like a quilter's paradise, but you're right - there's very little garment stuff. I was actually looking for outdoor fabric to make some cushions...I also found out that they have sprinklers on the roof to help cool it off - interesting.