Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Construction Order

So I did go to Joann's and get the magnetic snaps that Gwen recommended for the purse, but they didn't have the sew-in ones - they were jam in! They have 2 prongs and you just cut 2 slits where they go, put the little cap on the other side, and bang 'em down with a hammer - yeehah!

So I started on the 60's dress next, and I'm just not in a mood for lots of altering pattern tissue and cutting, so I did a quick tissue fit and saw that I needed to add a couple of inches to the back around the hips, etc. Then I took a one-hour nap and went back to it - I love summer! Here's what the tissue looks like now, and I bet I didn't do that right, but this is just for the muslin.
I just realized I don't have a pic of the fabric, which will make it a surprise when you see it, because I got it on the sale table at Hancock, and I mean it was by the front door, which is where they put the really bad stuff! It's a polyester slinky thing, and my mother hated it. It's shades of brown with blue and yellow geometric shapes all over it. I worked hard on pattern placement, but SOMEthing's going to have a blue diamond highlighting it - you'll see. It screams 60's, so I think it'll be great.

OH! The whole point of tonight was to describe my new method of sewing when not really into it. I fixed the back pattern piece, cut it out, then went straight to the machine and sewed the darts and stay-stitched the neckline, then sewed and pressed the back seam to prep for the zipper. I would've put that sucker in if I had one tonight, but I didn't, so I went on and cut out the FRONT and sewed up those darts, etc.

Do you ever do that? I just get so tired of laying out and cutting, sometimes you just need to get to the machine!

I'll get a pic of it tomorrow, and we can take a vote on whether they'll let me out of the house wearing it...


BeckyW said...

Can't wait to see your dress. I cut and sew as I go a lot of times. I really hate the cutting part. Worse that that, I hate cutting and adding interfacing!

Sister said...

Arghhh! You're right - interfacing is the worst!