Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bathing Suits are Fast!

Holy moly - I traced the tank version one night, and yesterday I did the rest in 2 hours. Now that's without elastic, but I got the suit far enough to try on for fit. I lined the entire front. Here it is sewn together at the crotch - didn't think I'd get father than that, so I took a picture.

And here's a picture of my stitching. I used the serger for all of it but basting the sides, and you do have to be careful to get all layers in there. You can see the lining showing through where I missed it.

So I modeled it for the family last night because I was so proud, and everyone averted their eyes and groaned at the front view. The consensus was "too much crotch," because I used the high-leg version. (Now there was certainly nothing hanging out, but apparently when you can see the crease at the front of your hip, it's just gross.) So I'm not showing you that picture...also because my thighs are just so pasty and cottage cheesy in that picture.

But when I turned around to show them the back, they all went, "Oh, well that looks nice." (Probably because it actually looks like a real bathing suit.) Remember there's no elastic yet, so I'm holding the bottom to simulate the coverage.

So I'm headed back upstairs to see if I can creatively add some leg coverage and do the elastic. At least I can wear this at the beach around long as none of Drew's friends are there.


BeckyW said...

I think your suit is going to be great. I've wanted to try to make a bathing suit, but have been way too intimidated to try.

Junior said...

Very nice!

Rachelle said...

That looks great. Love the scoop back!

Sister said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Becky, I'm finding that I may be too intimidated to finish!