Monday, June 18, 2012

The Jeans Purse

Okay, you know I'm always negative, so let's get that out of the way first, then I'll resign myself to the fact that it is what it is, and my niece is just a kid and not a fashion critic, so she'll probably be okay with it. So I thought the selvage of the silk shantung was fun and ruffly and tried to use that at the top of the lining, but it looked rough, and my mom said it didn't look finished. (So "fun and ruffly" - fail.) Well I had already sewn it in and didn't want to rip the whole thing out, so I just folded it down and stitched again. Here's what that looks like, and I don't know why this shade of pink refuses to be photographed appropriately - I messed with the tint to tone it down.

Now I'm sad about my purse strap, because it actually is too wide, and short of folding it in half and stitching, I can't fix it. Lucas tried it on for me (because he's closer to her size than I am, that's why) and then put it over his head to wear it across the body, and that looks fine. So this will be her travel bag or her book bag or something like that, but probably not her purse. Here's where I topstitched it to make it look a little quilty.

So here it is unadorned - no problem. Wide strap, but no problem....

Except look what that extra stitching did. (I cannot even believe I am showing you this. This is like baring my soul - I am lazy and don't even attempt to fix my tension before I start sewing the real thing.)

Yes, the tension was off and so the pink thread shows on the outside. (So pink up top and blue in the bobbin - fail.) And I was paying attention to the inside, not the outside, obviously. I hand-walked it over the zipper and the rivets, but I probably should've hand-sewed the entire thing. No, I should've sewed it higher up on the waistband instead of trying to stitch in the ditch there. (So "stitch in the ditch" - fail - I mean I'm on the other side of the road!)

So I was just disgusted with myself that I sewed the belt loops down and the whole plan was to put cute belts through there. I was fixing to cry. But look - I attempted to thread the belt....and it works!
And maybe tying it like this will hide the stitching you can see up close!

Okay, so on that note I will let all the disappointment go with a deep exhale, and I will be happy that my first attempt at a jeans purse is certainly usable. If she gets a job as a newspaper delivery girl, she will certainly be the most stylish!

Oh, anybody got any suggestions on a closure? It's too late to install a zipper (snorting with laughter), and Velcro doesn't seem very substantial...but if this is just to carry books around then you don't really need a closure...hmmm.


gwensews said...

That bag is probably better made than those selling in the craft fairs. So be proud. As for a closure, there are sew-on magnetic snaps, available at JoAnn fabrics, and wherever Dritz notions are sold.

Rachelle said...

I love it! So cute and the pop of pink stitching is cool!

RobbieK said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself. It's adorable.

Sister said...

Thank you, yes, I will be proud of it and stop lamenting - I'll look at it as a pop of pink and not messed-up tension, Rachelle. Robbie, my mom sent me an email with your first sentence verbatim - I laughed out loud! Gwen - I will get those magnetic snaps - thanks for the tip!

RobbieK said...

We moms (all of us) have to stick together, you know ;) How else will our children believe that we have eyes in the backs of our heads???