Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Halter Blues

Well, I'm very discouraged about the Silhouette halter top (and it was a muslin, people, so I threw it together - please don't judge). I was a little suspicious from the get-go, because the pattern envelope doesn't have a great picture of it to start with. It's mostly about a jacket, though there is a small inset showing the neck, which shows a piece of fabric going around the neck.

Uh, mine looks nothing like that. Now there are a couple of things going on. First, the bra cups I bought are too big (rookie mistake - if you're trying to augment with air instead of real padding, be sure not to overdo it, otherwise you could get bumped and have a dent in your boobage). The bra is constructed with 3 pieces then sewn inside the shirt, but the shirt is supposed to gather a good bit, so my bra cups smashed into each other and looked really weird.

Here's a side shot...with the angry face!

And here's the back, which I know is wonky because I just pinned the casing in place to get an idea. I tried pulling the tie tighter to look like the pattern envelope, but the back doesn't want to come up any higher than that, unless I cut a larger size.

I don't like the way the bra was done - you end up with 3 layers of fabric sandwiching bra cups, which wouldn't work if you had anything to put IN them, unless you cut the fabric. Robbie pointed me to one of the swimsuit contest winners on PR, who had a great tutorial on inserting a bra, so I'd use her method next time. I'm also not sure that this top isn't just weird-looking. I didn't show it to Dean for his opinion, but I bet he'd vote for weird. However, one thing saved me from the engulfing sewing depression that hit yesterday - Katie from Kadiddlehopper put some vintage patterns up for sale, and I saw one I loved. (Watch out, I'm enabling you here, because the link takes you straight to her shop!)

See, I'm the blonde in the mini-dress with no hips. (No, not the barefooted cougar with the big purple earrings wearing the maxi dress - they should've drawn her holding a cigarette.) I'll deal with the reality of my hips when the pattern gets here, but I think a low-slung belt will totally help this work. And I've already got the white-pink lipstick to go with the 70's vibe.

Now to clean up the remains of the halter so I can start on the Renfrew....


KID, MD said...

Hmm, it does do some weird boobage things... It's a pretty cute top though. Here's hoping that swim cup tute helps.

And that's for the linky love! That is such a fun pattern. I think it'll look amazing with a low-slung belt.

gwensews said...

I would make that top without any bra support inside, and go bra-less. But then--I did burn my bra in the 60s!

RobbieK said...

That dress looks A-line to me which is very forgiving to hips AND I wanna be the cougar....but no cigarette.

Sister said...

Hooray for bralessness, Gwen! I may salvage it to wear over bathing suits, but I need a break from it first. And Robbie, you totally look like the cougar - don't know why I didn't see the resemblance sooner!