Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Sleeve Work

So who knew that a little camping table would occupy 9-year-old boys outside for hours? They played in the fort, swung out of it on the rope swing, and when that got boring they set up the table and had a snack, plus they ate their lunch in the treehouse. You can see Lucas in the top level eating a sandwich. Precious, and they were outside for 7 straight hours!
So while they were thusly occupied, I worked on my sleeves for the Silhouette top. (I was using any available knit - would this be a bad example of color-blocking?) I did the right sleeve first and it was obvious the cap height was too tall, so I adjusted and added the left sleeve. And I mean as you're looking at it, because everything's reversed in these pics.
You can see how I have folds from excess fabric. I shaved off 1/2" from the cap height and tapered back to the original underarm line. I also added 1" to the bicep circumference. First I slashed the pattern like one book recommends, but that was getting really complicated with the lower part of the sleeve, so I just extended the underarm 1/2" on each side and tapered back into the sleeve around the elbow.
Obviously not perfect, but much better. Next, I'm ready to try a second muslin on one of those Chicago fabrics...
But first, I have to finish reading The Hunger Games!

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