Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Live Hood Ornament?

I pulled out of the garage yesterday and went to get the kids from school. At some point after I left the house, I noticed this in my rearview mirror.

No, that's not a hood ornament on the car behind me, it's a baby bird who somehow ended up on my rear windshield wiper. He enjoyed the ride for a while, but decided he needed a better view and flew up to the roof of my car. And he couldn't really fly, so I had to (safely) apply the brakes to "catch" him on the car.

Alas, the wind proved too much for him, and he started chirping and trying to fly. I saw him flapping his pitiful wings behind the car and tried to slow down and catch him again, but he landed in the road. He hopped up after a minute and just started walking across the street toward the grass. When I made the return trip, I didn't see him splattered in the street, so I'm hoping he made it.

I'm really wondering what the people driving behind me thought. That would've been crazy if he'd landed on that chick's hood - what a save! (Of course, I had to wash the back of the car off when I got home - apparently he didn't really enjoy the ride.)


BeckyW said...

That is too funny! I've never seen anything like that before.

My kids call me the turtle lady. I've stopped in the road 3 times this spring and helped turtles across the street.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! I can't believe he tried to hold on for the ride. Yep, no good deed goes unpunished...Amy

Sister said...

Aww, I love turtles too! Good for you!

Sister said...

Heehee - hoot!

Anonymous said...

"apparently he didn't really enjoy the ride" - you crack me up. I love your sense of humour.

Sister said...

Thank you anonymous lurker! Appreciate the comments!!