Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol Prediction Comes True

Okay, who's got an ear for talent? That's right - I do! I predicted Phillip to be in the top 2 (so Reed Grimm got sent home early, he was just too wacky) and he won it tonight - woohoo! My sister and I were furiously texting during the show - did your heart break a little when he started crying at the end and had to quit singing, then took off his guitar and just walked offstage to his family? My poor baby! He looked so sad. I hope his kidneys are okay.

And can I say something to the stylists this year? You rocked it, people! (I would put pictures here, but there aren't any on the internet yet.) The girls did a number and they all wore sequined dresses that were gorgeous. Then Fantasia sang with Joshua and wore this skin-tight sequined body suit thing that had slits in the legs from the ankle to the WAIST. The WAIST, people, so apparently there were no panties or Spanx involved. You go, girl! Then Chakah Khan....Chakah Khan....Chakah Chakah Chakah Kahn (hit it, Junior: Chakah Khan, let me rock ya', let me rock ya' Chakah Khan. Let me rock ya', it's all I wanna do. Let me take you in my arms, let me feel ya' wit my charms, Chakah. Cuz you know, I'm da one to keep ya' warm, Chakah....uh, it's a physical thing, let me rock ya' Chakah baby, cuz ya' make me wanna sing...yeah, something like that.) Oh, where was I - oh! Chakah Khan came out in the SAME DAMN sequined suit in a different color and without the slits. They made J'Lo look tame in her sequiny baggy-crotch pants! Oh, and the opening number had the top 12 all in white pants or dresses - everybody looked great, not a single dumpy-looking person in the group. It's amazing how good you look when your clothes fit properly! (Okay, I'll calm down now...deep breaths.)

Now back to the regularly scheduled post that I prepared earlier. So when I got sick of the shirt yesterday, I wanted to sew up a sure thing that I knew would fit. Then I got bogged down in fabrics and I finished organizing my drawers. I first saw this method at Tigergirl's blog, and then Mimi G did a little video about it, so I went out and bought 6x9" envelopes and clear sheet protectors. Here's how my formerly disorganized pattern drawer looks now.
Here's the binder I have with the pattern envelopes in sheet protectors, so I can sit in the den with the family and flip through my patterns, instead of crouching over a drawer upstairs.
And by the way, everybody's been taking pictures of their stash, so here's part of mine.
Yes, I have 2 drawers with fabric like that, but I also have one shelf in this armoire with more fabric piled up (plus that green bamboo knit thrown on top), so don't feel too bad for me. You can also see a clear container under my cutting table with some more fabric...still, nothing like the walls of shelving that you people have!
Hmmm, should I feel jealous when I compare my stash to other PRer's, or should I think of myself as a woman with control over my addiction? Right, jealous it is - off to Hancock!


RobbieK said...

I'm jealous that you can just dash off to Hancock's. I miss that.

Junior said...

Wow! The organized drawer is impressive!