Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Finished the Cardigan!

Holy moly - I actually made it up to the sewing room for a few minutes! Long enough to sew on the hook and eye closure for my Betzina cardigan. Guess what? I LIKE IT!!!
Of course, I'm hippy and short-waisted to start with - do you think if I lowered the ribbon it would make me look less so? Because I can see making another one of these in a better fabric.
I love these pants - got them at The Loft in Chicago. I may have to look for a trouser pattern and do some more in linen...though I hate ironing.
This is my tribute to Mimi G.
Except that I'm not cute as a bug, and I don't have any bling to speak of, and my nails are always unpainted....uh, but I'm tall! And I'm wearing Nine West Nuncios - snap. (Which the dog is blocking, dangit.)
Yeah, I better stick to my usual goofy poses. My 9-year-old cameraman is not patient enough to take the kinds of pictures Mimi G produces.

In other news, can you believe that JOSHUA got sent home from American Idol? I was blown away - I had him pegged as the winner. Okay - off to dinner - more tomorrow!


Pammie said...

Adorable cardigan - and I too am short-waisted! It looks super comfy! Yes, lengthening the appearance of the waist might look good but it may be that the tie will fall at your natural high waist in any regard! (I myself only have about an inch between the lower part of my rib and the top of my hip.

KID, MD said...

So cute! As a fellow short waisted person, I am always fearful that anything at the waist will cut me in half. This is quite flattering however.

BeckyW said...

That is really cute and it looks like it fits really well. Fitting is driving me nuts lately. I'm trying to make a 8th grade grad dress for my DD - hating making muslins. I so just want to grab a pattern, cut it out and sew it.

Rachelle said...

That looks so awesome with the new closure. I love it!

RobbieK said...

I'm so glad you stuck with it. It looks nice!

HeathersSphere said...

I like your Vogue-like poses! Cool looking cardigan.

Sister said...

Thank you guys for the nice comments. I may take this to work this week and see how it goes. Plus I can wear it in a movie theater because I always get cold.

Becky, good luck with the dress - I hate muslins too.

Heather, I've been a long-time admirer of your work on PR - thanks for coming by!

Junior said...

Love the cardigan!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the cardi! I have those same shoes in three colors :)