Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well, the popcorn kickoff went swimmingly in my opinion. There were lots of laughs, lots of excitement about door prizes, and nobody fell asleep or talked loudly to their neighbor because they were bored. Now if we can say the same thing about the Friday lecture, it will have been a great week, despite the fact that I didn't sew anything. 

And at work I've made the transition to electronic medical records with lightning speed, if I may say so myself. So I've got nothing to whine about at all....other than the lack of sewing mojo. I even went in Daphne Fabric and Lace today (home of $2/yard fabric!) and came out empty-handed. I'm hoping that when we go to the beach I'll get jazzed up about my new sewing room and dig into the mini-stash I left over there. 

Now that makes me think of George Carlin's comedy bit about going on vacation to Hawaii. You pack a big suitcase. Then you run into someone you know who wants you to stay with them a couple of days, so you take a smaller suitcase to their place, and so on and so forth. It was really funny when I was a teenager. 

And speaking of the old days, I heard "Lady" by John Denver today in DF&L. (La-dyyyy....are you your meee?) That song just makes me want to cry - wasn't it in some movie about a woman dying? Wait, that was "Sunshine" by....John Denver?

And that was definitely in a movie about a kid's mother dying. And I'll always remember a movie from the 70's about a teenager with leukemia. He's playing basketball with friends and his mom says something about all his bruises. Seems like there were all kinds of movies about people dying from diseases back then. Whereas today, it's about people dying from being kidnapped, murdered, sold to foreigners, etc. 

I think I like the old movies better - you could at least learn some warning signs of different diseases. But wait, I learned to be careful about what I trash and recycle from that Liam Neeson movie where his daughter is kidnapped because his stupid wife let on that they ordered pizza every Wednesday - duh! Oh wait, Liam Neeson's movie daughter got kidnapped in a foreign country because she lied to her parents about having an adult supervisor. It was Harrison Ford whose wife was stupid with the trash and the whole family got kidnapped. I think. 

Yeah, let's stick with the disease of the week movie. I've never seen one about Mad Cow disease - I can play the lead.


Junior said...

Holy Mad Cow! I'm dizzy from reading that entry....did you have a lot of sugar in your coffee this morning? Hee hee!!!

Liba said...

I agree Junior! Had to read it twice! Caffeine high anyone!

Sister said...

Dean would say this is what a conversation with me is like - totally disconnected stream of consciousness, easily distracted.

Junior said...

Regarding the movie you were referring to: "Sunshine Christmas" starring Cliff DeYoung....check it out people as it's high quality 70's entertainment at it's best!