Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New Sewing Space

So when we go over to the beach, I've been carrying my machine and using the kitchen table in between meals. But there's this nifty little room the previous owner used as an office where we've been keeping Jake's kennel, which he doesn't use anymore since he's decided he likes sleeping with Lucas.

So I moved the kennel into the little attached closet and vacuumed up 50 pounds of dog hair that's accumulated over the past 3 years.

Then it was off to Target, where Lucas fell in love with this faux leather wing chair for tiny people. He asked me if I could sew one for him. Then he declared he was coming back to buy it when he saved enough money. He also saw a wastebasket in the shape of a monkey that he fell in love with. Then he said, "I know I'm a boy, but I really like this stuff." God bless my child!

So I purchased a white desk, awesome plastic green chair for $9.99, coordinating wastebasket (for threads and scraps, of course, plus it was green), and rolling drawers (because they're green) to hold whatever semblance of stash I build up. And voila....

A new sewing room where I'll keep Lucas's Janome that he never uses anymore, plus I'll bring the serger over now that I know how to use it.

Get ready for some knit shirts to happen while on vacation from serious pants! (Yeah, just like I said after that sewing class last weekend, right? Given that I bent a needle hemming school pants tonight, we'll be lucky if any more sewing happens this week.) But seriously, how awesome is that desk? I built that myself - got the callouses from the screwdriver to prove it!


Junior said...

Very impressive!! Memaw would be so proud!

Pammie said...

Congratulations! I love it - you are very creative - I do think a dedicated sewing room is the key to more production. It looks very serene! I moved my two dog kennels out of our space to create my current sewing space. . .they sleep with us:(

Sister said...

Pammie - LOL! Sometimes you have to sacrifice for your hobby.

Junior - Memaw made me read the directions very carefully but HK was flipping his nose that it took me so long.

Sheila said...

Congrats on your sewing room. They all start of like that pristine.. and in a short time WAM!!! totally, but you will get a lot of sewing done.