Sunday, August 28, 2011

Up for a Breath

Lawdy-mercy, I've been gone a while! I just can't seem to get myself together to sew anything or to write a post. I did hem that retro-ish orange shirt, but I need to remove some basting stitches that are visible and tack the front together to prevent gaping before I wear it. Plus we've been having a heat wave and that's a hot shirt. Beyond that, the only sewing I've done has been on Scout shirts for the boys.

Besides my low-mojo, part of the problem has been 4 lectures coming up in September - hey, the first one is Friday! Those are hanging over my head, along with my popcorn kickoff tomorrow night for Cub Scouts - remember I'm the Popcorn Kernel. Speaking of hanging over my head, wanna see my hat?

I think I'll feel better once this week is behind me, so expect great things in the coming month. I'm going to FINISH those pants I started if it kills me, and I WILL wear that shirt at some point. (I will KEEP talking to myself like this, and I'm SURE it'll get me fired up.)

Oh, and beyond sewing, I want to go see The Help but haven't had time yet - anybody see it? And I started Duma Key by Stephen King (you know, on a different level than The Help and The Art of Racing in the Rain, but I've been loving this guy since I was 11 years old), so I also have a hard time putting that down to go fight with zippers and knits. Like Robbie (who may have a new grandbaby by now) said, sewing is supposed to be fun so if you don't feel like it, don't feel guilty.


Liba said...

You will love The Help sister! I laughed and I cried - sometimes at the same time. FUll movie theater at 1:00 on a Saturday.

gwensews said...

I saw TheHelp, and thought it was very good, and stayed close to the story-line in the book. Love your hat! It's "corny"!!!

Robbie said...

So glad I was able to help and I love the hat. Involved parents like y'all help keep our kids straight.

Yep, have a new granddaughter. Finally came home yesterday after 11 days in NICU. Hand is still very sore, so I'm not sewing either.

Junior said...

LOVE the kernel hat! Very stylish. Saw The Help yesterday....really enjoyed it!

Pammie said...

I just downloaded the Help on my Kindle - it's good but a difficult subject - cringeworthy for sure. I want to see the movie as well. Duma Key was okay - I think for King I like the Shining and his older stuff!