Friday, August 19, 2011

Lucas's Schoolwork

Lucas started school this week and had to fill out a form about himself, and the one that cracked me up was "I'm looking forward to 4th grade because." He wrote, "Because I'll be closer to being a parent." Nutty kid.

They also had to put 3 things in a paper bag that represented them. His first choice was the Just Dance 2 DVD case. Second choice was a glass show he's a collector...of glass figurines. Thirdly was a magic trick that he actually performed in front of the class. And finally, they had to decorate their binder cover with pictures. There was one of Dean, 2 of himself, 2 of Drew (who would be really ticked if he knew), and zero of me.

We'll see how quickly he gets that fleece jacket he's been wanting me to make!


Pammie said...

What a good little boy!!! Magic tricks - fun!

Amy said...

LOL - So nice that he remembered his mom. I'd make him beg for that fleece jacket! ;)

Junior said...

I need to call the boy & have a talk with him about putting his mother's photo with the rest of the family. And hey, at least he didn't put that gag lighter with the flashing boobs in the paper bag!

Sheila said...

Out of the mouths of Babe... too cute.