Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rip Ride Rockit

So this is the coolest roller coaster ever - the tall thing behind the boys is new at Universal. You choose what song you want to listen to before you climb straight up and go 65 mph through loops and corkscrews. Drew said his vision went a little black the first time he rode it because of the G-forces, but he remembered what Mr. Jim did when he was a pilot in training to combat that.

Would you believe there's a camera in every car and they make a music video of your ride? When you get off you can watch snippets of it (or buy it for $34). Drew seriously looked like he was going to lose it on his video. I rode it today with him (I selected Paralyzer by Finger Eleven) and we both succeeded in maintaining consciousness. Woo-hoo!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Oh my goodness...there is no way I would go on that ride...not a are some brave :)

Junior said...

On Ellen's show today she was talking about that very ride! Said she never wanted to ride it again.....and that her favorite ride there was one you ride up in & end up in a nice's called 'the elevator'....ha ha ha!

Sister said...

Wow - Would've loved to see that Ellen! Ann, this is called hanging on to youth. There were 2 people in their 60's on
the ride, God bless 'em! Since my neck is better, I'm going for it while I can!