Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giveaway Winner and a Question for the Sewists

Okay, you can stop checking the blog every 5 minutes to see if you won. I'm awarding the Lady Gaga song to Amy from Louisiana, whose husband is a very special man. (I bet he would go with her to that concert!) My husband has now backed out of the concert since a friend from Pensacola said she would love to go with me. Dean told me to make a girls' weekend of it, but I bet that's because he's planning a guys' weekend with my friend's husband. (Of course, they'll have all the kids, so I'm a little nervous now.)

I've been trying to finish up some pants, but I'm not happy with the bagginess in front and it's not worth tweaking since there are no pockets. So, I wanted some instant gratification sewing and I decided to try a top with the blue striped material I bought last week. Now it's not really instant, because I'm trying a new Vogue pattern (8558) from the stash. We'll see how it turns out.

Oh, but it won't turn out for a while because it's party time in New Orleans! So this is the action shot from the trial run of the dress a couple of weeks ago - stay tuned for action shots of New Orleans Mardi Gras! I've decided to paint my nails purple to match the dress - gotta get a little wild, you know. Hopefully will get those posted late Sunday.

Oh, but I did have a serious question to pose. I have this $100 gift card to Hancock and I want to buy something I wouldn't normally buy, like fabric, so what is your favorite tool in your sewing room? I've heard about bias tape makers and special sewing feet - what would you buy if you had a $100 spending spree? Thanks for your tips, and have a great weekend!


Robbie said...

I have the folding hobby table from Hancocks. I love it and use it all the time. Flip the sides up to cut, etc. Flip 'em back down to push it out of the way. I have the ironing pad top too, but I've never used it, so I don't especially recommend it.

gwensews said...

You two are a great looking couple. Sounds like you have a lot of fun together. As for your gift certificate-I would buy seiwng machine feet. I have tons and tons of them, and each one does a specific job. But then, I have this foot fetish--!!

Sister said...

Oh, I bought that table when I bought my sewing cabinet, and it changed my whole mojo - I highly recommend it - good suggestion!

And Gwen, foot fetish - LOL, a little sewing humor! I was skittish about feet because my Brother goes on about only using official bobbins and feet, but it seems everybody uses different feet. I'll definitely look into those!

KID, MD said...

You are so cute - in a totally hot way, of course.

I'm totally with Gwen on the foot fetish. I got a walking foot for Christmas and it is rocking my world. And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to sew without my edgestitching foot. Oh, and my binding foot... I love them all!!