Monday, March 14, 2011

The Rest of Mardi Gras

Okay, here are the rest of my MG pics, minus the one of the guy dressed like an Indian which was too gross to publish. OH! Let's start with some dresses - I snapped pics of the print ones to give you an idea what I missed this year by going with a solid. I know this first one is blurry, but I was running after this woman with an iPhone. You ask why? Because that's a crocheted dress! Totally crochet - no lining in sight - wouldn't you run after her too? Hey Sheila - I bet you could make one that actually had a back to it!

And some less racey print dresses.

And mine...

And now a speculum - what?? Two guys were wearing beads that had speculums (speculae?) attached so I asked them if they knew what they were wearing. (I find that when fortified with an adult beverage I'll ask anybody almost anything, within reason.) This gentleman declared it was a megaphone and held it up to demonstrate how it amplified his voice. His friend felt it had to be a duck bill and held it up to demonstrate "quack quack." I'll just leave it at that and see what comments you all can come up with.

And I think these ladies on the left are really men.

And finally, we'll end with more Elvis - you can never have too many pics with the King.

I was hoping to update my profile pic, but neither of these was of sufficient quality, sadly. Maybe one day I'll learn to close my mouth.

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Sheila said...

Great pics

Please tell me she had a half slip on.

I hope neither one of those guys had that speculum in their mouth.... Gawd knows wose body its been inside off....ewww