Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Not much time for sewing lately, but I DID finish one thing. First, a cool picture of "popcorn cake" which was made from a recipe on the back of Lucas's kid's menu at Tchoup Chop (Emeril's restaurant at the Royal Pacific in Orlando). Looks beautiful, but way too much marshmallow. There are M&M's and peanuts in there too. I think this picture would make a good jigsaw puzzle.

So forgive the blurry pictures, but this is my muslin of Vogue 8558, which looks like a scrub top to me on the pattern envelope for some reason.

I think it was Kitschy Coo who mentioned posting favorable pictures of oneself and editing out the bad ones a while back. I almost deleted this one, but decided you've got to see the front and how long it is (I cut 3 inches off the length already), and how hippy/gutsy it makes me look.

I almost did a swayback adjustment to start with, but figured this was my muslin so I'd see what happened. It has a weird curve at the bottom that pokes out too.

So by now you've noticed wrinkles emanating from the armpits - is this what you refer to as a tight armscye? I never heard that word till I joined Pattern Review, but I think it's a problem here. Not one reviewer mentioned this, though. (When I mentioned to Lucas that the pattern was too small there, he said, "Well maybe they weren't expecting a woman of your size." That was my laugh of the week!)

I do love the neckline detail and the gathered bustline. I have to work out those gathers better on one side, as I crossed the band higher up for a little modesty. This is reminding me of a robe my mom had in the 80's for some reason, and I think it would make a really cute dress. I'm not feeling it for work though; seems a little too casual and low-cut obviously. I will definitely try again with larger armscye(s?) to accommodate my bulging armpits.

And one last Mardi Gras memento. Dean went to New Orleans a day ahead of me with his buddies and shared a room. This is what I found when I checked in the next day, knowing they had caroused in the Quarter.

And page 649 really was Psalm 80, so they DID actually crack a Bible! What good husbands!


KID, MD said...

Popcorn cake? That sounds yummy!
O'm impressed how well that fits you right out of the envelope! And I think you're dead on about the sleeve. Funny since I've found so many too low armscyes with Vogue.

Sheila said...

I have experienced that too and Liana at stitchers guild suggested:

that if my sleeve isn't too tight, it's probably the cap seamline not sitting correctly for my arm.  That I can rip the seamline along the armscye from notch to notch over the shoulder and repin it when the draglines are gone.  You may have to lift up on the sleeve cap, or let it down, or even adjust the center of the sleeve forward or back.  It all depends on my posture and the sleeve drafting for the pattern I am using. 

I hope this helps.

gwensews said...

Good advice above. Thanks for showing the popcorn cake. I Googled the recipe. It looks like a fun thing to take to Easter dinner for the kids!

Junior said...

Popcorn cake photo looks good! Reminds of the photos at the plumstreet blog. And yes, that first photo of the shirt did remind me of SBA's robe too! Love the note from Brother Pat!

Sister said...

Ooh, thanks for the great tip Sheila! I'll definitely try that. And if you make the popcorn cake, Gwen, don't use a pound of marshmallows - it was way too much!